201908 Club Magazine August 2019
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201908 Club Magazine August 2019

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We start in Somerset with South West Alfa Day, then to the South East, where the Kent and East Sussex Section’s Fathers’ Day weekend events at Hever Castle are also becoming a tradition. Between those two, we were at Compton Verney near Warwick for the ever-popular combination of the Giro Panormaico and Costwolds Alfa Day and then up the East Coast to Newby Hall, near Ripon in Yorkshire, for the fourth annual ITCAM – Italian Cars and Motorcycles.

Further North still, to another successfully revived event – Scottish Italian Car Day. And, finally, back South to Bicester Heritage for what was undoubtedly the biggest and best received National Alfa Day for many years.

It isn’t all Show ‘n’ Shine circuit, though –Matt Dalby tells the tale of his growing collection of modern classic Alfas, while Ian Packer looks back on 11 years of 2600 Spider ownership. And we have the final part of Andrew Thorley’s epic drive to Sicily in his 939 Spider – with Mount Etna finally in view. All that plus the usual regulars.

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