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AROC Aquanil - waterless car wash

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250ml AROC Branded brushed aluminium bottle of: Aquanil -

a waterless car wash with macro polymers for a high performance eco-responsible approach to waterless car cleaning! It is a readily biodegradable waterless car wash and surface protector.

This product is an advanced blend of detergents and multiple macro polymers to be used on all non-porous surfaces. The waterless car wash, first breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime. Aquanil then replaces it with a protective layer of macro polymers, leaving your vehicle cleaner and with a longer lasting shine you can be proud of.


Our waterless wash that cleans, enhances and protects all exterior surfaces, producing an amazing shine and water repellent coating.



Advanced detergents break down the dirt and encapsulate it; this is then picked up into the pile of the microfibre cloth, leaving behind a macro-polymer sealant, which is then buffed to a shiny slick finish with a second microfibre cloth.
The protective coating repels dirt and water, keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer, and also protects from UV rays, avoiding colour fading.

Aquanil uses our reactive polymer technology instead of wax, giving it the following attributes:
- Can be used in direct sunlight
- Doesn't smear when buffing
- Quicker and easier to use
- Safe to use on windscreen and windows for water repellency, no streaking
- Doesn't effect or leave residue on surrounding trim



So why waterless?
Time efficient, no experience needed, less waste, can be done anywhere (eg inside the garage), no equipment required, no water source required; all leading to a more enjoyable experience.


Is Aquanil a quick detailer?
It is so much more. Unlike most quick detailers, Aquanil actually cleans, thanks to the powerful detergents in its formulation. The shine and water repellant coating are also longer lasting.


Aquanil has been designed to work seamlessly with Quick-N-Slick, our polymer protective sealant. Cleaning with Aquanil tops up this protection on every application.


Due to Aquanil's universal compatibility, it is ideal for all forms of transportation, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, coaches, boats, jet ski's, bicycles and so much more ...


Easy to use directions:

  • Fold a microfibre cloth twice, giving you 8 sides to utilise

  • Apply Aquanil onto the surface with a few sprays

  • Mist the microfibre cloth with a single spray

  • Wipe in Aquanil with the microfibre cloth to clean the surface

  • Wipe off Aquanil with a clean microfibre cloth and buff to a shine

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