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Alfa Romeo Face Mask Covering - Official Product - Design1

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Alfa Romeo Face covering - Official Product 


Please note these masks have a suction characteristic not because they are tight, but because, by adhering they prevent the microbes from coming out and entering.

It is a very important suction cup effect, in order not to let the air in from the outside.

If you look at the F1 drivers they also use masks with this suction effect.


MASK OF TYPE I SMASK-01/02/03/04/05
Type I mask formed by a 3-layer fabric with external anti-liquid treatment with internal membrane
that stops the entry of external air by isolating the mouth and nose from contamination air from the
external environment, [guaranteeing at least 95% of filtering power) allowing sufficient breathability
at the same time.

The Type I mask contained in this pack:
- It is a Type I medical device as required by the UNI EN ISO 14683 standard.
Type I medical face masks should only be used for patients and for
other people to reduce the risk of spreading infections, especially in epidemic situations
and pandemics.

Type I masks are not intended for use by healthcare professionals in the operating room
or in other medical activities with similar requirements.
- It is not suitable for use for children under 3 years of age;
- The item must be picked up individually with clean hands and worn on the face;
- It must not be thrown away on environment, but once deteriorated deposited in
closed containers to be thrown in the "non-recyclable dry" fraction;

Position the Face mask correctly.
Make sure the correct side of the filter mask
is facing out.
Put the face mask on your face
Hold the face mask in front of your face, pull the upper band
and put it around the top of the head.
Then pull the lower band over the head and place ,t at the base
of the nape.
Place the face mask on the face and under the chin
Once stabilized, fix it to make sure it covers your face,
mouth and also that the lower edge is under the chin.

Before using it, the filter mask must be DISINFECTED with ""Amuchina· or similar products, left to
dry for 1 0 minutes and then WASHED by hand with hot water [from 40 ° to 60 °) and soap or on
washing machine with detergent. To wear it, the mask must be positioned on the front of the face,
making sure that it fits to the face and the front sewing covers the nose and part of the mouth.
The mask is then fixed to the nape through two elastics bands positioned at the end of the mask.
After each use The filter mask must be DISINFECTED with ""Amuchina·· or similar products, left to
dry for 1 0 minutes and then WASHED by hand with hot water [from 40 ° to 60 ° ) and soap or in the
washing machine with detergent.
The filter mask has a treatment water repellent on the external fabric surface .
The treatment lasts for 10 washes and can be restored with heat, by ironing or drying it in the dryer.
Inside the fabric there is the membrane that stops the droplet on both ways at the exit and at the
entrance. The membrane has a resistance of 50 washes.
The fabric and colors used in the sublimation process of the filter mask meet the OEKO TEX

Total composition: 93% polyester 7% polyurethane


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